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The voice actor for Amethyst in Steven Universe is also a main character in Barney why is that cool to me






The favorite food of every U.S. state, according to Twitter 

montana, soy sauce isnt a food. its a condiment. is montana eating soy sauce by itself. montana what the fuck.

the more i look at this the more i feel like the criteria of this twitter search is kinda silly like. colorado just has “vinegar”. illinois has “yolk”. arkansas is fucking “entree” that is not an actual specific food and this data analysis is flawed

okay but california has caviar. thats fish eggs. are you telling me that people from california like to eat bowls of fish eggs. have i been living the life of a californian all wrong? tbh i dont think ive ever been to a place that even sells caviar.

i’m from Alaska and I have never heard of terragon

Tarragon is an herb ahahahahaha!!! Also everyone I know in Oregon hates capers!! This is so wrong and funny

I’m trying to go to sleep right away so I won’t be mean in the morning but Mikey won’t stop scream/whispering "OH GOD I’M ADORABLLLLLLE"


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